Tech Tips: Windows Mobile – Setting WI-FI as Default Connection in Your Pocket PC

December 6, 2009

For those pocket PC users who don’t have unlimited data plan, it is advisable that you use WI-FI as the default connection. When I try to synchronize my email, the email will always attempt to made a GPRS connection. This is quite annoying. I had finally manage to overcome this annoyance. The following steps applies to WM5/WM6 Windows Mobile User.

  • Go to setting Connections > WI-FI > Network Adapter > Set “Network Adapter” connect to “Work” instead of “Internet”
  • Go to setting Connections > Connections > Advance > Select Networks > Under “Programs that automatically connect to the Internet should connect using” > select “My Work Network” (which is the same as my private network). remember to check the box “This connection connects to Internet” under “Proxy”
  • Restart the pocket PC