Install and Using Beesu on Fedora 12

A common utility for running GNOME application using root privileges is gksu and gksudo. Currently these 2 applications are under reviewed by Fedora. Therefore, these packages are not available in the Fedora repository. For Fedora user there is an alternative package called Beesu. Beesu is the alternative package to use to open GNOME application such as Nautilus using root privileges.

Installing Beesu

  • Open a terminal window with root access (su-)
  • Use the following command to install Beesu
    • #yum install beesu
    • #yum install nautilus-beesu-manager

Using Beesu

  • To use Beesu to open Nautilus with root access, use the following procedure:
  • Open a terminal window with normal access, use the following command (use either one)
    • #beesu nautilus
    • #beesu nautilus –browser

Configuring Nautilus with Beesu

The above method is workable. However, it is very cumbersome to open a terminal window every time you want to open Nautilus with root access. Using the package Nautilus Beesu Package, we can configure Nautilus by installing some scripts that uses Beesu function. The procedure for installing such scripts is as follows:

Configuring Nautilus with Beesu

  • Open a terminal windows
  • Run the Nautilus Beesu configuration program with the command
  • $nautilus-beesu-manager
  • A Window will pop-up and you have to choose which script to install. At least choose “Open Nautilus here”. It is also recommended to install the script “Open with gEdit”

Using Nautilus with Beesu Script

  • After installation is done, you can open the normal file browser and navigate to any system folder you might need to access with root privileges.
  • Right-click the system folder and select Scripts >> beesu >> Open Nautilus here
  • Another Nautilus window will appear with root privileges.
  • If you want to be able to edit any script file or configuration file freely, install the script “Open with gEdit”.
  • After the installation, point to any script or configuration file you want to modify with root privileges, right-click and select Scripts >> beesu >> Open with gEdit.
  • gEdit will open the selected script file or configuration file with root access. You don’t have to open a new Nautilus window



One Response to Install and Using Beesu on Fedora 12

  1. rasker says:

    Excellent! Now I don’t have to hack every Fedora install so I can login to the desktop as root when ~I want to do some system stuff.

    Many thanks!

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