How to Open Nautilus as Root

There are basically 2 ways to open nautilus as root

Using sudo Command

The simple way is to configure current user to use sudo.

The procedure of configuring sudo is as follows:

  1. Open a terminal window with root privileges using the command below:
  2. #su –
  3. After entering password proceed with the following command to open the sudo file
  4. #visudo
  5. This vi utility will check if your entry is correct. Use visudo instead of vi /etc/sudoers
  6. In the sudo file, remove the # from the statement %wheel  ALL=(ALL)       ALL
  7. Next, open the group file using vi as follows:
  8. #vi /etc/group
  9. Under the entry wheel:x:10:root, append the current login name after root as follows:
  10. wheel:x:10:root,username
  11. Save the file. Now the current user can perform sudo command
  • To open Nautilus as root use the command from the terminal without root access,
  • $sudo nautilus
  • or
    • $sudo nautilus --browser.
  • File browser will open with root access.
  • You can perform the above command in the background as follows (use either command):
    • $sudo nautilus &
    • $sudo nautilus --browser &
  • The other way is to install and use the software package Beesu. Check out this post for details: Installing and Using Beesu on Fedora 12



    One Response to How to Open Nautilus as Root

    1. rasker says:

      Great tip! The command to launch nautilus should look like:

      nautilus –browser (two dashes)

      The site makes it look like a single dash.


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