Installing Real Player on Fedora 12

Get Real Player 11 for Linux

Installing Real Player for 32-bit Fedora

  • To install Real Player, you need to install redhat-lsb before installing the player:

#yum install -y redhat-lsb
#rpm -ivh RealPlayer11GOLD.rpm

Installing Real Player for 64-bit Fedora

  • Since we are installing the 32-bit Player into 64-bit OS, we need to install 32-bit version of lsb as follows:

#yum install -y redhat-lsb redhat-lsb.i686
#rpm -ivh RealPlayer11GOLD.rpm

Note: Alternatively, you could use mplayer or vlc player instead of installing Real Player. I found that mplayer or vlc player do not play the rm files well.


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