Installing Adobe AIR on Fedora 12

Installing Adobe AIR for Linux on 32-bit Fedora 12 is easy, however, there are some security problems relating to installing AIR application such as TweekDeck and Twhirl.

As Adobe AIR do not support 64-bit Fedora, we need to install the 32-bit program into 64-bit platform. Additional libraries and software are required.

Get Adobe AIR for Linux

32-bit/64-bit Pre-Installation Setup

  • You might want to setup the installation log so that you could review the log if you encounter any problem. To do this, you need to create the log file at your home directory instead of root. Do not use root access for the following command:

$touch ~/.airinstall.log
$touch ~/.airappinstall.log

  • You need to change the permission of AdobeAIRInstaller.bin. You need root access to change permission.

#chmod +x AdobeAIRInstaller.bin

32-bit Fedora Pre-Installation Setup

  • For 32-bit installation of Adobe AIR. You need to install xterm:

#yum install xterm

64-bit Fedora Pre-Installation Setup

  • For 64-bit installation, we are installing 32-bit Adobe AIR in the 64-bit OS. Addition libraries and software are required as follows:

#yum install -y gtk2-devel.i686 nss.i686 nss-softokn.i686 libxml2-devel.i686 libxslt.i686 gnome-keyring.i686 rpm-devel.i686 alsa-plugins-pulseaudio.i686 PackageKit-gtk-module.i686 libXt.i686 gtk2-engines.i686 libcanberra-gtk2.i686 xterm

Installing Adobe AIR

  • This is an interactive setup. For any error please refer to the .airinstall.log located at your home directory. You launch installation program from the folder where the software is located. Install the program as follows:


Problems Running AIR Application

  • On Fedora 12, you would not be able to install or run any AIR application. This is probably due to SELinux security policy with the certificate in Adobe AIR.
  • To resolve this issue, we need to rename the crypt folder under the certificates folder. Use the following command:

#mv /etc/opt/Adobe/certificates/crypt /etc/opt/Adobe/certificates/crypt_bkp


  • There is a better method of resolving the certificate issue. Please use the following command instead:
    • #for c in /etc/opt/Adobe/certificates/crypt/*.0; do aucm -n $(basename $c) -t true; done

This solution is attribute to a post in Fedora forum, for details please check here at

Error 5100

  • Some of you might encounter this error while installing AIR application. This error occurs because the installation program do not have the permission to access certain folders.
  • Some users recommended that we download the application file and install the application using the following command #Adobe AIR Application Installer /path/to/file.air.
  • I found this method too cumbersome. User should be able to install the application directly from the web. The best solution is to install xterm.
  • After installing xterm, user should be able to install any AIR application directly from the web. During the installation, user will be prompt for root password.
  • If you’ve installed xterm, you should not have this error.

Installing AIR Application

  • To install AIR application such as TweetDeck or Twhirl you just need to click the install button and the application will install automatically.
  • Please note that you need to wait for 20 seconds for xterm to prompt for root password.

Removing AIR Application

  • Removing AIR application is a bit tricky. First you need to search for the full application name as follows:

#rpm -qa | grep twhirl*

  • Then you remove the application using rpm as follows:

rpm -e de.makesoft.twhirl.0ea062bc275e7ed1e6ec3762effd73c7158adf33.1-0.9.4-1.i386

  • Alternatively, you can use the following command to erase and query the application name at the same time.

#rpm -e `rpm -qa | grep twhirl*`
#rpm -e `rpm -qa | grep tweetdeck*`

Note: Please note that the quote is a back tick, the key is above [Tab] key.


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